Tea Travler

Tea Travler

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The custom made Tea Traveler is a must have. It holds a 16oz serving and has an integrated infuser that securely clicks in.

Almost every one of our employees has one of these and uses it daily. Here is why we love them:

- They are glass double wall insulated. You can steep your tea early in the morning before work and it will still be hot at lunch time. It holds its temperature really well. The printed Tama Tea logo is actually printed on the outside of the inner layer of glass before the 2 pieces are melded together during manufacturing. So, you don't have to worry about it coming off or scratching.

- The bamboo lid looks great with the Tama Tea logo etched into the wood and it comes off really easily. It only requires about a half twist to unlock/lock into place.

- The stainless infuser clicks inside the top of the Tea Traveler and has a small handle that makes it easy to remove.

- They are thin enough to fit in your car's cup holder. A lot of mugs and bottles are too large in diameter and they end up in your passenger seat.



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