Mango Verde

Mango Verde

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One of our most popular green tea blends.  Fans of our Japanese Sencha will love this mango twist on the beautiful pan fired green tea.  Cold brew or ice this tea to avoid the mid-day slump and stay energized all day.  There is really no need for it to be sweetened.

Tasting Notes

Bright and grassy with fragrant sweet mango. 

Tea Type


Serving Size

2 oz - 18 Servings

4 oz - 37 Servings

* Based on volume to yield an 8 oz cup

Caffeine Level : 2

0 - Caffeine Free
1 - 1-15 MG
2 - 16-25 MG
3 - 26-39 MG   


Steeping Instructions

Steep tea in 170 degree water for 2 minutes


Pan fired green tea, marigolds, lemon peel, mango bits, safflowers, mango and citrus flavor.

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